About us

Ondrej Pavlák

Ondrej Pavlák graduated at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Commenius University. He worked as a personal trainer in London. Currently he offers his professional services in Slovak Strength Institute located in Bratislava. He believes in continuing education, and he asserts this in his career of a personal trainer. Ondrej has attended many seminars. He especially values knowledge he gained at the Charles Poliquin Institute. Charles Poliquin is a world announced strength coach and he is highly valued by educated public.

He’s educating his clients that his trainings are not just about one time fat and weight loss, and short time eating habits change. The outcome of his professional approach is a permanent life style change, which includes healthy eating habits, regular exercises and a positive approach. Most of his clients have chosen Ondrej for his testimonials and recommendations.

Boris Žbirka

Boris Žbirka is a leading personal trainer in London and Bratislava. His personalized approach to fitness will allow you to become fitter and feel confident with the body you have.

Boris has been studying at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Commenius University and has completed a Master’s degree in Sport Science and Physical Education. In 2012, completed postgraduate studies in Sport Science. Throughout his studies he has worked as a personal trainer and masseur, allowing him to gain a wealth of hands-on experience. During the final year of his studies he worked as a fitness trainer in one of the best football club’s in Slovakia, Mondi Ruzomberok. There, he had the opportunity to implement a new approach to the fitness regime of professional young football players based on his Diploma work research.

After his studies he moved to London, where he has worked as a personal trainer and ART therapist, giving him the opportunity to use his skills and knowledge to help his clients achieve their fitness goals. He has attended several seminars of one of the best strength coaches Mr. Charles Poliquin (P.I.C.P. 1, P.I.C.P. 2, P.I.C.P. 3, P.I.C.P. 4,  P.I.M.S.T., Biosignature 1) and Dr. P.M. Leahy (Active Release Techniques). This has enabled him to broaden his knowledge in strength coaching, training methods and also in soft tissue treatment skills. Furthermore, he has learnt that he has to commit his clients to a dedicated nutritional regime in order to achieve their full potential.

Boris Zbirka already operates in Slovakia, where he established Slovak Strength Institute together with Ondrej Pavlak. In Slovak Strength Institute we try to pass all experiences and knowledge we gained so far to our clients.